Avivets are dedicated poultry and gamebird vets. We provide professional services, advice and consultancy to farmers, producers and keepers throughout the UK. To ensure our clients and their flocks receive the best care we offer service plans to guarantee regular veterinary visits and preventative health planning.

Avivets provide site visits,  post mortem examinations and laboratory testing through our proactive service plans. The service plans can be tiered to suit the needs of any producer and include extra services such as discussion seminars, on farm training and regular production data reviews.

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Avivets’ vision is to be the premier poultry veterinary practice to service any UK poultry producer based on the merit of our professional service and clinical expertise of our vets.

Avivets’ mission is to create a unique partnership between vet and producer in which the challenges of modern poultry production are better understood, better controlled and better prevented. Avivets strives to support the improving health and welfare standards of modern day poultry production and to integrate these drivers into productive and profitable poultry enterprises.

The service from Avivets, and Will's attention to detail, mean we always get a speedy service, quick diagnoses and excellent advice. Will gives me the support I need to get better performance from my farm.

M Hyland, M Hyland Poultry, Lancashire

During our introductory meeting, we were very impressed by Will's professionalism, his obvious knowledge of the nature of our business, the advice he gave us regarding our laying stock and our preparation for the coming season, also what services and products he could provide to us. We decided to take out a Silver Gamebird Service Plan, which gives us all our veterinary needs in one package.

Mick Wright, Game Farmer, Cheshire

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Should all bird keepers or keepers with over 10 birds, compulsory register their birds on the Poultry Register?

Should bird keepers update their records on the Register every year?

It’s vital we tackle the threat of #BirdFlu.


Only 3 weeks today until the 2023 Lancashire Poultry Club Ball on the 17th March. For details please use the link following http://lancashirepoultryclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/THE-LANCASHIRE-POULTRY-CLUB-BALL-25072022.pdf

The risk of #AvianInfluenza in wild birds is still very high. Make your premises unattractive to wild birds. Use bird deterrents such as foils or streamers. Keep food, bedding & water in enclosed areas.

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