Egg Production Service Plans
  • Veterinary health plans for assurance schemes included
  • All prescriptions, reports and certificates

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Gamebird Service Plans
  • Unlimited post mortem submissions
  • Same day feed prescriptions and reports

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Poultry Meat Service Plans
  • Surveillance health monitoring
  • Regular flock performance reviews

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Hatch & Rear Service Plans
  • Visits to hatchery, rearing site or at transfer
  • Incentives discounts on vaccines and supplements

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Avivets are dedicated poultry and gamebird vets. We provide professional services, advice and consultancy to farmers, producers and keepers throughout the UK. To ensure our clients and their flocks receive the best care we offer service plans to guarantee regular veterinary visits and preventative health planning.

Avivets provide site visits,  post mortem examinations and laboratory testing through our proactive service plans. The service plans can be tiered to suit the needs of any producer and include extra services such as discussion seminars, on farm training and regular production data reviews.

What our customers say...

  • We had no hesitation in signing up with Avivets. Will’s attention to detail and knowledge is, in our opinion, second to none. Avivets’ advice with flock planning is thorough yet easy to follow and his explanations and communication skills are excellent. Overall we are very pleased to have Avivets involved in the future of our farm.
    Ms Paget, Restarigg Farm, Cumbria.
  • John Hurst & Sons feel that Avivets offer something a little different; they offer very competitive pricing on vaccines and medication with the option of care plans for an annual fee. When studying these options, we felt this was a very proactive approach in ensuring quick response to health issues and a great way to motivate all staff with regular site visits and discussions face to face regarding all aspects of production.
    Mr J Hurst, Hurst & Sons, Lancashire
  • Coming to the end of our first season with Avivets the advantages of signing up to the Service Plan are clear. With weekly visits over the rearing period problems have been diagnosed before getting a foothold. Our vet is better informed of the day to day processes by being on site and our staff have learnt considerably from working alongside Avivets. The net gains have been a marked reduction in mortality, a huge saving in treatments and crucially confidence in the stock for our customers.
    Mr J. Crow, Wrekin Game, Shropshire
  • During our introductory meeting, we were very impressed by Will's professionalism, his obvious knowledge of the nature of our business, the advice he gave us regarding our laying stock and our preparation for the coming season, also what services and products he could provide to us. We decided to take out a Silver Gamebird Service Plan, which gives us all our veterinary needs in one package.
    Mr Wright, Hall Game Farm, Cheshire
  • Our service plan package includes health plans specific to breeders and rearers which we continue to use going forwards. Any post-mortems were performed and diagnosis given immediately, any treatment subsequently prescribed resulting in quick recovery and also follow-up calls and visits from Will checking on progress of recovery. Our production and mortality figures are vastly improved on all previous years due to the care and services received from Will and Avivets and we can't recommend and thank them highly enough.
    Mrs Wright, Hall Game Farm, Cheshire
  • We decided to employ the services of Will Garton of Avivets as we felt the combination of his experience coupled with the service plans he has developed offered our business the best combination of high level veterinary advice and value for money.
    Mr D. Wanstall, Bank Farm Poultry, Kent