At Avivets we work with you to improve the health and welfare of your flock because we understanding the importance of productivity and profitability.

Avivets provide a full range of professional and diagnostic services to the poultry and gamebird industry. Most of these services are included in the service plans.

We offer services where you need them whether it is on site, at the practice, hatchery, feed mill or processing plants.

  • Diagnostic laboratory testing
  • Post mortem examination
  • Disease investigation and control
  • Health planning and surveillance
  • Production performance reviews
  • Discussion seminars at our practice
  • On farm training sessions
  • Treatment and product supply



More than just advice
As dedicated poultry and gamebird vets we recognise the value of trust and understanding between producer and vet. Our vets focus advice and consultancy on the areas you need us to. We work alongside producers to create a partnership which drives the performance of your flock forward.
Commercial Production
  • Free range, multi-tier and colony layers
  • Broilers and turkeys
  • Seasonal poultry production
  • Game farms and hatcheries
  • Commercial game rearing
  • Syndicates or family shoots
Rearing and Breeding
  • Parent breeder flocks
  • Hatcheries
  • Pullets in rear
  • Egg breakouts


  • All supplementary in-house lab testing included
  • Full range of diagnostic testing available
Our Laboratory
  • Bacterial culture
  • Antimicrobial sensitivity
  • Intestinal smear microscopy
  • Parasitology
Laboratory Tests
  • Serology
  • PCR identification
  • Salmonella testing
  • Total Viable Counts
  • Water sampling
Post Mortem Examination
  • Rapid diagnosis
  • Follow up histopathology
  • Sample collection included
  • Carcase disposal included
Supplementary in-house laboratory testing includes bacterial culture, antimicrobial sensitivity testing, further bacterial identification, intestinal microscopy and microscopic parasitology.
External laboratory testing includes, but is not limited to, serological testing, histopathology, water sampling and salmonella testing.